From  Tokyo Station, Shinjuku Station

①Highway Bus

Keio/Fujikyu bus for Fujisan station from JR Shinjuku station south exit(Shinjuku Basta). 100min 1,750yen→ Fujisan station


Shinjuku station →JR Chuo line express “Azusa” or “Kaiji” (70min 2,457yen)→Otsuki→ Fuji kyuko line”Otsuki station”(42min 1,020yen)→Fujisan stasion

*From Haneda Airport

 ①Highway Bus

Haneda Airport → Fujikyu Highway Bus bound for Fujisan Station(170 min  2470yen ) → Fujisan Station

Bus leaves from International Airport , time table just below

1. 6:55 am~

2.  8:50 am~

3. 10:05 am~

4. 12:25 am~

5. 14:40 am~

6. 17:30 am~


⑴Haneda Airport → Keikyu line(30min ) → Shinagawa station → JR Yamanote line(25min ) → Tokyo station →  Highway bus → Fujisan station
⑵ Haneda Airport → Keikyu line(30min ) → Shinagawa station → JR Yamanote line(25min ) → Shinjuku station → Train or Highway bus → Fujisan station


*From Narita Airport

①Highway Bus

Narita Airport → Keisei Highway Bus bound for Fujisan Station (260min   4400yen payment at the day  or 3300yen payment in advance )

# Only two buses available in a day

One leaves at 10:30 & the other  leaves at 13:30 from Terminal 3


1)Narita Airport → JR Narita Express(90min 3,390yen) → Shinjuku station → Train or Highway bus → Fujisan station.
2)Narita Airport → Keisei Skyliner(40 min 2,470yen) → Nippori station → JR Yamanote line(25min 200yen) → Shinjuku station → Train or Highway bus → Fujisan station.

*From Osaka、Kyoto

①Night bus
Osaka/Kyoto bus terminal → Fujikyu Highway bus to Fujisan station(570min ~ 720min 6,200yen ~ 8,700yen)

②JR Shinkansen (bullet train)
From Osaka/Kyoto to Mishima JR Shinkansen(150min ~ 190min 12,280yen ~ 12,800yen) → Mishima station → Fujikyuko express bus(90 min 2,260yen) → Kawaguchiko station → Train or bus → Fujisan station


*From Nagoya

①Highway Bus

Meitetsu Bus Center → Fujikyu Highway Bus to Fujisan Station(270 min 4110yen)   #one bus available normally in a day (It leaves at 7:10 from Meitetsu Bus Center)

②JR Shinkansen (bullet train)

Nagoya Station → JR Shinnkansen (82min) → Shinyokohama Station → JR YokohamaLine→ Hachioji Station → JR ChuoLine (45min  756yen)  # sometime via Takao Station  or  JR Kaiji Express (30min 1266yen) → Otsuki Station→ Fujikyu Line(53min 1020yen)→ Fujisan Station


*From Fujisan Sizuoka Airport

Fujisan Sizuoka Airport→Sizuoka Station(Bus)  |,000yen Time:1Hr
Time table From Airport  11:40 12:25 13:00 15:40 16:20 17:20 19:30 20:30

Sizuoka Station→sin Fuji statio(bullet train): 1,440円  Time:10minute(Kodama)

SinFuji station→Fujisan Station(bus): 2,430yen  Time:2Hr15minute
Time table form SinFuji st. : 7:15 9:45 11:45 13:45 16:45 18:45

* From Fujisan station to Hostel Fujisan YOU.

Head to traffic lights with your back against Fujisan station.
Turn right the traffic lights and go straight about 200m.
A big Tori gate will appear on your right side first, and keep going straight about 30m.
You will find our hostel on your right side as well.
It is about 3 minutes on foot from “Fujisan station”.