We may enter at check-in at unattended reception

For check-in at the unmanned reception, please follow the steps below.

1. Check the PIN code of the entrance sent in E-mail, or the memo number if it is pasted on the entrance, enter the PIN code and push  down the lever to enter.

The PIN is a combination of numbers and letters starting with C,

C is a clear button. If you make a mistake, press the button again from C.

2.Your identity verification

Place your passport or ID card on this camera






3. Find your envelope in front of reception, check your room-number and room-code.  There are some information-cards about Hostel Fujisan YOU in the envelope.

There is no sound from the camera, but if you leave it for 5 seconds or more,you can take out the identity verification.

4. Please fill in the required items on the guest check sheet at the reception, measure the body temperature and write the result on the check sheet.

5. Open your room door .

6. As the reception is open from 8 am , please pay the accommodation fee at the time.

* If you would like early check-out and have difficulty paying directly, please contact us below.

Mobile phone: 090-8802-6355

TEL: 0555-72-9898

E-mail: info@hostelfujisan.com

We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your cooperation.

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