Area information

Thursday August 22nd, 2019

Area information of Hostel Mt. Fuji YOU 

1.Sightseeing area

The Togawa Oshi House a pilgeim’s inn—–7 minutes walk

Fuji Sengen Jinja shrine—–15minutes wak

Chureito Pagoda(Arakurayama Sengen Park)——–30minutes walk

Mt.Fuji 5th stasion——-65minutes by bus

Fuji-Q Highland——5minutes by train

Lake kawaguchiko——-10 minutes by train

Mt.Kachi-kachi Ropeway———From Kawaguchiko st. 15minutes walk

Aokigahara Jyukai Forest———-40 minutes by bus

Oshino Hakkai Springs———15 minutes by bus

Lake Yamanaka——–30 minutes by bus

Kawaguchiko Sighseeing Bus——From Kawagutiko St. start


2. Restaurant 

Totoyamichi (Belt Sushi)-—In front of our hostel

Yoshida Udon noodles-——–There are 6 shops within 10 minutes

Ramen noodles———-There are 5 shops in the neighborhood


3.Hot spring

Fujiyama Onsen——–15 mimutes by Free shuttle bus

Sen Sui one-day hot springs—–20minutes walk

Yurari  one-day hot springs—–From Kawaguchiko St.20 minutes Free shuttle bus


4. Shopping

Fujisan Stasion Building—-4 minutes walk

Seven-Eleven——7 minutes walk

Famiy Mart——7 minutes walk

Gotenba Premium Outlet—-90 minutes by bus

Don Quixote Fujiyosida——-30 minutes walk


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